NUPAL AYURVEDA has been at the forefront of making the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda relevant for modern living through specialized formulations that add health to our lives. Through their expertise, NUPAL AYURVEDA’S specially formulated Chyavanaprasam is used for the treatment of many diseases by improving the body defense mechanism to fight against external stimuli, cough and asthma etc. Chyavanaprasam is a well-known rasayanam. Rasayanam means the means to purify and develop the seven constituent tissues of the body.

Rasayana tantra is one of the eight specialties of Ayurveda. It is a specialized practice in the form of rejuvenated recipes, dietary regimen and special health promoting therapy. Properly administered Rasayana can bestow the human being with several benefits like longevity, memory, intelligence, freedom from diseases, youthful age, excellence of luster, complexion and voice, optimum strength of physique and sense organs, respectability and brilliance. Various types of plant based Rasayana recipes are mentioned in Ayurveda. Review of the current literature available on Rasayana indicates that anti-oxidant and immunomodulation are the most studied activities of the Rasayana.

Weight 650 g


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