Each 500 mg capsule is prepared out of :

Achyranthes aspera Apamarga 0.15 gm
Asteracantha longifolia Ikshura 0.15 gm
Musa paradisiaca Rambha kandham 0.15 gm
Crataeva nurvala Varuna 0.045 gm
Barleria prionitis Sahacharam 0.045 gm
Asparagus racemosus Abheeru 0.045 gm
Plumbago zeylanica Agni 0.045 gm
Chonemorpha fragrans Drada 0.045 gm
Aegle marmelos Bilva 0.045 gm
Aristolochia bracteata Kidamari 0.045 gm
Solanum indicum Brihati 0.045 gm
Pongamia pinnata Karanja 0.045 gm
Premna serratifolia Agnimanda 0.045 gm
Terminalia chebula Abhaya 0.045 gm
Moringa oleifera Sigruthwak 0.045 gm
Semecarpus anacardium Rujakara 0.045 gm
Saccharum munja Veerathara 0.045 gm
Imperata cylindrica Dharbha 0.045 gm
Desmostachya bipinnata Kusha 0.045 gm
Eragrostis cynosuroides Kasa 0.045 gm
Sugar Kandasari 0.045 gm
Methyl paraben sodium 0.1 %
Propyl paraben sodium 0.05 %

Indications : For nephritis, reduce blood urea & for other kidney disorders.
Diet restrictions : Pulses to be avoided with the exception of green gram. Avoid
sour and citrus food . Minimise intake of liquids including water .
Limited salt diet.
Presentation : 50 capsules, 5 blisters of 10 capsules each.
Dosage : 2 capsules 3 times daily or as directed by the physician.

Achyranthes aspera
• Possess nephroprotective activity.
• Useful for kidney stone and diabetes.
• Used as diuretic and helpful in urinary tract infections.
Asteracantha longifolia
• Used as diuretic and cures the disease of the
urinogenital tract.
Musa paradisiaca
• Possess antilithiatic activity against urolithiasis.
• Effective in reducing the stone formation and also in
dissolving the pre-formed stones.
Crataeva nurvala
• Diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic.
• Used as a blood purifier and laxative.
• Urinary-renal supportive qualities.
• Cures urinary tract infections and reduces the renal
stone pain.
• Helps in painful urination caused by enlarged prostate.
Barleria prionitis
• Used to treat urinary disorder like diuresis.
• Antiseptic, diuretic and tonic.
Asparagus racemosus
• Used for fluid retention.
• Powerful diuretic, helping to flush out toxins, thus
reducing the risk of kidney stone formation.
Plumbago zeylanica
• Used for urinary calculi.
• Throwing out toxins from the body.
• Used to treat infections.
Chonemorpha fragrans
• Inhibits stone formation in kidneys.
• Used for urinary infections, diabetes and stomach
• Acts on colic, constipation, hyperacidity and diabetes.
Aegle marmelous
• Used to treat kidney problems.
• Digestive stimulant.
• Relieves chronic dysentery, diarrhoea, gastritis and
abdominal colic pain.
Aristolochia bracteata
• Has excellent wound healing property.
• Used for reducing inflammations and biliousness.
• Have anti- inflammatory, anti-microbial and antiulcer

Solanum indicum
• Beneficial in dysuria and urinary calculi as it is
diuretic in action.
• Anti inflammatory property.
Pongamia pinnata
• Decompose kidney stone.
• Antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and
anti-diabetic activities.
Premna serratiofolia
• Used as a diuretic and stomachic.
• Used to relieve pain and improve kidney function.
Terminalia chebula
• Possess antimicrobial activity and ulcerogenic activity.
• Used as an antiseptic diuretic for urinary tract
• Wound healing, renoprotective and antidiabetic
Moringa oleifera
• Digestive powers, so it can help to deal with digestive
problems in kidney failure.
• Helps to prevent anaemia for patients with kidney
• Helps to expel kidney stone, increase urine output,
cure illness of the digestive tract and can remove
stones in the bladder.
Semicarpus anacardium
• Herbs used to increase the volume of urine.
• Beneficial in curing urinary incontinence.
Saccharum munja
• Helps in the treatment of urinary disorders and
kidney diseases.
• Useful in burning sensation and thirst.
Imperata cylindrica
• Used to treat urinary tract infections, fevers, thirst etc.
• Possess antibacterial and diuretic property.
Desmostachya bipinnata
• Diuretic, cooling in nature
• Used in dysentery, diabetes and piles.
Eragrostis cynosuroides
• Increases amount of urine excretion and checks
• Treatment of urinary tract infections, diabetes and
• Used to detoxify the body and cures all types of
urinary problems

Weight 200 g
Pack Size

50 Nos


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