Each 1kg is prepared out of :

Tinospora cordifolia Amruthavalli 50 gm
Vetiveria zizanioides Usheera 50 gm
Cyperus rotundus Musta 50 gm
Hemidesmus indicus Saribha 50 gm
Emblica officinalis Amalaki 50 gm
Callicarpa macrophylla Phalini 50 gm
Nardostachys jatamansi Mansi 50 gm
Coleus vettiveroides Jala 50 gm
Actiniopteris dichotoma Mayurshikhaa 50 gm
Commiphora mukul Guggulu 50 gm
Myristica fragrans Jathi 50 gm
Beeswax Madhuchistam 150 gm
Coconut oil Kerajam 600 gm

Dosage : Clean the affected area and apply on the affected area 3 to 4
times daily.
Indications : Antiseptic medication for cuts, wounds and infective skin conditions.
Presentation : 30gm in a squeeze tube .

Tinospora cordifolia
•Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic
•Potential against microbial infections.
•For the treatment of skin disorders.
Vetiveria zizanioides
•Gives a cooling effect to the skin.
•Heals wound quickly.
•Natural remedy for treating stretch marks,
acne, burns, fat cracks and certain other skin
Cyperus rotundus
•Used in treating skin related ailments.
•Helps in healing wounds.
•Effective against fungus.
Hemidesmus indicus
•Has anti-inflammatory property.
•Acts as antibacterial.
•Treats skin diseases and promotes skin
Emblica officinalis
•Used to treat skin disorders.
•Promote healthy skin and help in relieving
skin disorders due to its excellent Vitamin C
•Protect from various viral, fungal and
bacterial infections.
Callicarpa macrophylla
•Used for cuts and wounds.
•Used to treat skin diseases.

Nardostachys jatamansi
•Cure burning sensation of skin and
•It has antibacterial and antifungal activity.
Coleus vettiveroides
•Have anti-bacterial, deodorant and cooling
•Cure skin diseases
Actiniopteris dichotoma
•Treat skin discoloration & skin diseases.
•Cure wounds and burns.
•Has antibacterial activity.
Commiphora mukul
•Has anti-microbial property.
•Very good anti inflammatory herb, helps to
heal wound.
Myristica fragrans
•Used to relieve problems of the skin.
•Reduce inflammation on body.
•Improves skin tone and complexion.
•Reduce the signs and marks from pox, boils,
and acne.
Coconut oil
•For the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and
other skin conditions.
•Reduce the risk of bacterial infections
worsening acne.
•Reduce inflammation and pain.

Weight 30 g
Pack Size

30 gm


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