SOMAMRITHAM Premium health supplement for women especially for Leucorrhoea SOMAMRITHAM combines an ancient knowledge in harmless medicinal herbs with modern know – how in preparation for the successful treatment of varied Gynaecological disorders. Somamritham contains 17 herbal ingredients, each ingredient contributing by itself and as a whole, to this unique combination of harmless, purely herbal medicine.


Each Capsule is prepared out of :
Pathra 0.01gm
Nagapushpa 0.01gm
Ela 0.01gm
Musali 4.5 gm
Tripati 4.5 gm
Jeera 2.5 gm
Chandana 2.5 gm
Vamsalochana 0.05 gm
Chocha 0.01gm
Elavaluka 0.01gm
Kannara 0.01gm
Champaka 0.01gm
Musala 0.01gm
Sahasravedi 0.01gm
Mamsi 0.01gm
Kandasari 0.02gm
1. Leucorrhoea & general weakness.
2. Low back pain (Dysmenorrhoea).
3. Painful & irregular menstruation.
4. In stress & anxiety associated with profuse menstrual bleeding.
5. Reduces pelvic congestion.
6. Functional uterine bleeding.
2 Capsules 2 or 3 times daily before food (preferably at breakfast once with milk) or as directed by the physician.
Improves the neuro-hormonal function and normalises uterine cycle, controls leucorrhoea, exerts a stimulating effect on the ovaries and endometrium to function optimally.Regenerates a normal vaginal environment necessary for a healthy vaginal flora, acts directly on the uterine musculature, tones up the entire system and overcomes anxiety and mental disturbances. Increases body’s resistance to disease, provides Iron Calcium and other micro-nutrients to overcome anemia low back pain and osteoporosis. Check excessive vaginal secretions.
Avoid heaty food like shrimp, mackerel, chicken, red-chilies, beef etc.
50 capsules. 500 mg. 5 blister strips of 10 each.
Weight 200 g
Pack Size

50 Nos


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